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Organizational System Effectiveness



In any given organization or team, you have three elements that are always in play. It’s not whether you have all three but how much of each you have in play and in what proportions. In an ideal scenario, you want to balance all three. It’s when you don’t balance them, that you run into problems. The right people and the right processes may get you moving, but without the right technology, you might be reinventing the wheel or making things harder on yourself. Growth ManagementLikewise, if you have the right people and the right technology in place, if everyone isn’t using the technology the same way, then you will run into efficiency issues. Finally, if you have the right processes and technology in place, but not the right people to use them, you have something about as helpful as a sports car, but without the engine.


It’s important to think in terms of all three of these elements when you are considering growth as well. Not just trying to produce growth, but also when you are growing naturally and you’re just trying to keep up. A vision that tries to keep all of these in balance will help you to estimate more quickly where you need to devote more time and resources.

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